We would like to wish you all a very happy, healthy & prosperous new year from all of us here at YellowWood Adventures.

In the next few days, your thoughts may be turning to this new year, what you want to achieve and where you want to go. If you're thinking of exploring somewhere exceptional, then please take a look at these - our top 12 tour recommendations for 2024.

Don't miss at the end our final recommendation for the best cultural festival of the year!

Safari & Swimming at Lake Malawi

Often overshadowed by its more prominent neighbours, Malawi is Africa's best-kept safari secret. Its rejuvenated wildlife reserves, home to all of Africa's big game, offer world-class safaris - at affordable prices without the crowds.

The crystal-clear waters of Lake Malawi, meanwhile, offer golden beaches and superb swimming & snorkelling – the perfect combination of ‘beach & bush’.

Best times to go: May to October

The Undiscovered Silk Road of Uzbekistan

Fall in love with the magic of Uzbekistan as you follow the path of the ancient Silk Road, where time has stood still for centuries amongst some of the most fascinating historical sites in Central Asia.


Admire breathtakingly beautiful minarets and turquoise domes astride weighty mosques, ornate palaces, centuries-old mosaics of mind-blowing elegance and scale, open-air museums, bazaars and madrasas; all whilst meeting the people who live here and learning about their timeless traditions.

Best times to go: April to June & and September to October

Historic Cities & Foothills of Northern Spain

Spain’s northern, less-visited coastline is a land of magnificent rolling landscapes, rich traditions and culture, and the best food in Spain.

Our tour on the path less travelled here takes you to the hidden gem towns and villages of the Asturias, Cantabria and coastal Basque Country, with some world-renowned hiking in the incredible Picos de Europa along the way.

Best times to go: March to May & September to November

Cultural tour of Georgia & Armenia

These two lesser-visited countries offer a wealth of ancient historical architecture, beautiful landscapes, delicious food and warm hospitality.

Our culture & hiking tour here features spectacular churches, superb wine regions, culture-rich towns, meeting and dining with the locals along the way.

Best times to go: April to October

Hiking the High Monasteries of 'Little Tibet', Ladakh

Known as ‘Little Tibet’, this land of spectacular peaks and astonishing Tibetan Buddhist Monasteries is a wonder to behold. The refuge of Tibetans, it’s here that their rich culture steeped in history, tradition, colour and charisma lives on.

Go in July and you can witness the colourful dances of the Takthok Tsechu Festival.

Best times to go: May to October

Sights & Sounds of Morocco

To those familiar with Morocco, the country evokes a distinct and memorable feeling: it just doesn't feel quite like anywhere else.

This superb tour visits the bustling cities of Casablanca, Rabat, Chefchaouen, Fes, Marrakech & Essaouira – for a wonderful assault on the senses. You’ll also see the world-renowned Roman ruins at Volubilis, and journey through deserts, mountains and along beautiful ocean coastline.

It’s magical Morocco at its very best.

Best times to go: March to May & September to November

Horse-riding with Mongolian nomads


In one of the last great frontiers of the earth, step back in time and experience life through the eyes of a nomadic people who embrace a beautiful culture inextricably tied to the natural world.

Ride through the sublime landscapes of the Naiman Nuur mountainous region, stay with local nomadic families along the way in their felt gers, and experience first-hand their pastoral way of life, delicious natural foods and endearing culture.

Best times to go: June to August

Trek the Trans-Bhutan Trail

Renowned as one of the most peaceful and happiest places on earth, this remarkable hidden kingdom offers a rich and endearing culture, magnificent landscapes and cheerful, welcoming locals.

Hiking the recently opened Bhutan Trail through the less-visited – and most authentic – eastern parts of the country is the best way to see it all. It links royal cities, home to splendid Dzong, with stops at local villages along the way.

Best times to go: October to December

Undiscovered Oman: Landscapes & People

‘Tranquillity’ – no other word better describes the wonderful Omani way of life that continues beneath the shady date palms of the lush wadis, to the sound of trickling water from the falaj irrigation networks.

With our small group tour to Oman, you’ll explore the vast deserts of the Wahiba Sands, discover hidden villages in the Hajar Mountains, swim in the turquoise Arabian Sea, and spend time getting to know the friendliest people in the Gulf. A wealth of Arabian riches await the intrepid traveller - without the crowds.

Best times to go: September to April

Trek to see wild gorillas in Uganda

Sir Winston Churchill referred to Uganda as the 'Pearl of Africa', due to its natural beauty, diverse ecosystems, and the charming friendliness of its people.

Head here for that once-in-a-lifetime trek to get up close to wild mountain gorillas, the best place in the world to do it.

Best times to go: December to February & June to August

In the Footsteps of the Nomads of Kyrgyzstan


Located at the heart of the ancient Silk Road, amidst some of the most breathtaking mountain scenery in the world in the Tian Shan Mountains, Kyrgyzstan is as intriguing as it is scenically beautiful.

On this tour, you'll ride horses across verdant plateaus alongside alpine lakes, and stay in traditional yurts – the home of the local nomadic peoples whose culture of horsemanship, archery and falconry is still wonderfully preserved in all its glory.

Best times to go: April to June & and September to October

Lapland: A Winter Adventure

Lapland is on many a travel bucket list – and here’s your opportunity tick it off with our complete ‘winter adventure’ tour experience that includes all of those enticing icy experiences.

Ride husky sleds, visit reindeer farms, hike and ski cross-country & swelter in Finnish saunas (followed, perhaps, by a dip in an icy lake). It’s the best place to see the Northern Lights too – and 2024 is set to have the strongest aurora displays in 20 years.

Best times to go: November to March

And finally - our cultural festival of the year;

World Nomad Games, Kazakhstan

The World Nomad Games takes place every two years around Central Asia - bringing together the nomadic tribes to compete in their traditional games of horse racing, buzkashi (nomad polo), wrestling, archery, falconry and more, bringing their families and a wealth of handicrafts, customs, celebrations and fun along the way.

When to go: September 2024